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Hair Loss Treatment
- The Smart Approach

The key to successful hair loss treatment is accurate diagnosis, as early as possible. With so many different possible underlying causes of male and female hair loss, a professional diagnosis is the smart approach to finding an effective solution.

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Leaders in the field of hair loss treatment, The London Centre of Trichology has a reputation of being at the forefront when it comes to research and development - finding natural solutions to solve your hair and scalp problems

Established in 1956, our trichology consultants know everything there is to know about male and female hair loss, shedding hair, thinning, alopecia and pattern baldness. Our expertise and experience has helped thousands of men and women regain both their hair and their confidence.

Working in association with the Svenson hair group - who operate in over 60 hair loss clinics around the world - we're also part of a global team of trichology specialists.

Applying the most advanced techniques, you can trust your scalp is in the hands of qualified professionals.

Our hair loss clinic is based in Blandford Street W1 – central London, and offers a FREE personal consultation with one of our resident consultants to anyone interested in finding the solution to their particular problem.

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Male hair loss

If you are wondering how to stop male hair loss, the London Centre of Trichology can offer diagnosis and treatment. Whether you are suffering from hair thinning, male pattern baldness or alopecia the sooner the problem is diagnosed and addressed, the better the results you will get. Please call us on 020 7935 1935 and mention our website.

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Femail hair loss Female hair loss

Female hair loss occurs for a range of different reasons such as genetics, stress, changes in hormones and because of illness. If you are suffering from women's hair loss we can help. Please call us on 020 7935 1935 and mention our website.

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Hair Replacement Systems Hair Replacement Systems

If you are currently wearing a hair replacement system or are interested in purchasing one, then The London Centre of Trichology are currently offering a 25% discount on all new systems.

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