Trichology consultants deal with all problems relating to the hair and scalp. These include hair loss, hair thinning, hair breakage, scaling problems, excessive sebum production and itching. During our consultation we will diagnose the cause of the hair or scalp condition and provide a treatment programme to improve it.

During a Trichology consultation, your scalp is examined closely with high magnification technology called a Proscope and camera shots are taken for future reference and comparison.

One of our resident trichologists will ascertain the current state of your general health and well being and discuss with you any family history of hair loss and any medication you are currently taking. They will also ask you what hair care products you are currently using on your hair and scalp. We don't contact your GP at any stage, but we may recommend that you book an appointment with your doctor if we feel that your problem needs medical attention. For example you may have been prescribed medication that contributes to your condition and in some cases your GP may be able to adjust your dosage to correct this. 

After diagnosing the reasons for you losing hair, we will advise whether treatment can help. If we believe it can, then treatment can start immediately following the analysis.